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We offer a cooling system for our engines with both a radiator cooler and a water heat exchanger. In the selection of the radiator there are no limits of shape or weather requirements.

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For motors used to drive fire pumps, we supply the redundant power systems with water cooling the engine which is required by the NFPA standard. These are complete Caterpillar production solutions.

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Caterpillar offers engine cooling systems based on water exchangers, resistant to contaminated and sea water. These are plate heat exchangers with a titanium core.

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We offer electric (12V / 24V), pneumatic and hydraulic starters for all Caterpillar engines.

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We offer piston air compressors as a peripheral device. We offer these compressors to all our engines, and their performance is selected in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

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As a peripheral device, we offer compressors for air conditioning systems.

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At the customer’s request, we equip the engine with alternators with a wide performance range, also for applications in the explosive zone (EX).

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